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Wags Pets has a huge range of cat, bird, fish and dog accessories for you to choose from. Get your dog supplies shipped conveniently to your door today. From unique dog products like the Kangaroo jerky or the healthy flax seed flake to mainstream dog supplies like the retractable lead and studded collar. Looking for some pet food? Well you have come to the right place, check out our fantastic range from leading suppliers like Nutro, Royal Canin and Pedigree. We also have some super cute and comfortable dog clothing for your special four legged friend. Keep an eye out for itching and check out our flea solutions to keep things under control. If your doggie is looking a bit scruffy and in need of some TLC you can book a groom right here.  Or contact us: Phone: (09) 551 3549 – Mobile: 022 645 8783 or email us enquiries@wagspets.co.nz

Dog Accessories

Wags Pets has a huge range of dog accessories for you to choose from.  Get your dog supplies shipped conveniently to your door today.  From unique dog products like the Kangaroo jerky or the healthy flax seed flake to mainstream dog supplies like the retractable lead and studded collar.  Looking for some dog food?  Well you have come to the right place, check out our fantastic range from leading suppliers like Nutro, Royal Canin and Pedigree.

Dog Food

It’s arguable, but probably the most popular dog entertainment is eating! So take care of your doggie and get them something healthy and delicious to eat from Wags Pets. Everything is conveniently delivered to your door, nationwide. We stock a great selection from some reputable dog food companies like Nutro, Royal Canin and Pedigree. If your looking for something with a little more of a unique taste then try Dried & True’s Kangaroo jerky for only $8.50. Why not add some natural sprinkle dog food? Add this flax seed flake to your dog’s normal diet to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Dog Toys

Dogs love to eat, sleep and last but not least, play. Wags Pets has a great selection of quality dog toys here to choose from. From the very affordable squeaky ball toys to tug-of-war rope toys there is a toy here for every doggie. Pick yourself up a bargain today and get it delivered to your door nationwide. After your four legged friend is finished playing outside and is nice and dirty bring them in for a professional clean up and groom.

Dog Collars

Sometimes dogs can get a bit carried away and you might need to hold on to them with a good secure collar. Grab an affordable quality dog collar here from Wags pets today. From punk-style studded black dog collars to something a little more colourful like this Dog It pink skull collar, Wags Pets has you covered. Keep in mind if your doggie is getting so fluffy you can’t put on that collar anymore bring them in for a professional groom at Wags Pets today.

Dog Crate and Kennel

Sometimes you have to get your fur ball friend around in a more secure fashion. Check out our selection of dog crates below to help you transport your dog safely and comfortably. Affordably priced, with strong latches and different sizes Wags Pets has a pet crate for you today. Looking for something to fit those medium size dogs? Check out this great solid metal crate with a tray in the bottom for easy cleaning; perfect for taking your beautiful pooch to the show. Looking for a nice clean up as well? Book a groom from Wags Pets today as well.

Dog Beds

Doggies love to curl up and have a good nap, so why not make your dog’s day, or year, and get them a comfortable dog bed from Wags Pets today. Get it delivered conveniently to your door nationwide. Your four legged friend will be sleeping in heaven on one of our super comfortable dog beds. You can pick up an affordable large Koala pet cushion now for only $40. Is your doggie looking a bit scruffy in that new comfy bed? Then book in a professional groom with Wags Pets right now.

Dog Clothing

Sometimes after a nice groom your four legged friend can get a bit cold and needs a warm dog jacket. Don’t worry Wags Pets is here to help you out with a great selection of affordable and comfortable dog clothing. Grab a cute stripey knit dog jersey right here for only $25. Or if its raining you can pick up a cool FBI rain jacket so your doggie can avoid the wet in style. Keep your fur baby warm on those cool nights with Wags Pets quality selection of dog clothes.

Dog Flea Treatment

When it comes to dog problems, fleas would have to be in the top three. Not just for dogs as well, fleas spread around the house and cause everyone, dogs and humans to go crazy itching. Its best to tackle the problem before it happens. Prevention is the name of the game and Wags Pets has several solutions for you. From flea treatment shampoo to more mainstream flea control medicine Wags Pets has your doggie covered.

Cat Accessories

Welcome to our Cat Accessories range from Wags Pets. We are based out of Auckland, New Zealand and ship anywhere in the country. If you are looking for more products check out the Pet Accessories range or if you need a groom for your pet click here. Wags Pets stocks a broad range of cat accessories, from cat scratch posts to cat litter you can find it all here. We stock some cute cat beds and some practical cat crates. Got an odour problem? Check out our affordable eco-friendly odour remover. With cat collars starting at only $6 it’s easy to find bargains here for all your cat accessories.

Cat Toys

Cats love to play and Wags Pets has all the toys your kitty will need. Playing is a great way for your cat to get rid of some of that energy, and its a must for kittens that are still learning. This cat scratchpost for adult cats and kittens will provide endless hours of fun and hopefully a substitute for your couch. With lots of fun cat toys at great prices why not pick one up today. Get your order delivered to your door nationwide, hassle-free.

Cat Collars

Welcome to Wags Pets cat collar cat-agory. Now say that ten times over fast. We have a broad selection of cute cat collars here for you to choose from. Starting from only $6 you can pick yourself up a bargain today. Make your kitty look like the superstar it is with one of these cute studded cat collars for only $12. Or if you looking for something a little more colorful grab one of the Bomei cat collars. Get these collars delivered to your door nationwide today.

Cat Crates

Lets face it, carrying around your cat is not an easy thing to do in most cases. What is the solution without ending up covered in scratches? A quality crate. You can find them here at Wags Pets and get it delivered to your door nationwide. With optimum ventilation and a secure locking mechanism the Voyageur from Cat It is affordable and will transport your kitty in style and comfort. These crates are a perfect way to transport your special cat to our professional grooming clinic for a clean up today, you can book here now.

Cat Beds

Look over this great selection of affordable cat beds from Wags Pets. Get one delivered to your door nationwide and forget about the hassle of getting out to your local store and then getting ripped off. These beds will keep your kitty warm and comfortable on those evenings and give them a perfect place to nap during the day. From only $5 for a basic foam bed these cat beds are super affordable. Keep in mind if you need a groom for your overly fluffy pet you can book here.

Cat Flea Treatment

Fleas, the scourge of our fluffy friends life, and ours sometimes. Who wants to be itchy and scratchy? That’s right, no one, so its time to do something about it before those pesky fleas start biting. Get a great flea solution from Wags Pets today, like FleaLine from Pet Science for only $32. Another effective preventative measure against the flea scourge is to wash your cat up with some quality flea shampoo. If thats too much for you, don’t worry we understand, just book in a professional groom service from Wags Pets now.

Grooming Accessories

We specialize in grooming here at Wags Pets so it only makes sense we stock some of the best grooming supplies available. Whether you need grooming products for your cat or dog we have you covered today. We stock a broad range of shampoos including some unique and popular items like Espree’s Hypo-allergenic Coconut Shampoo. Looking for some pet nail clippers or a dematting rake? You have come to the right place. Keep in mind we offer an affordable professional grooming service for your pet friend, you can book in a groom here now.

Pet Shampoo

Shampoo is one of the most important tools an owner has in their grooming arsenal. When your pet gets a bit smelly its time to fill the bath and get them cleaned up with a quality shampoo. Wags Pets, professional groomers, naturally have an incredible selection of affordable and quality pet shampoo. From medicated options for flea problems right through to ultra sensitive pet shampoo, Wags Pets has you covered. So pick up a quality pet shampoo like Espree’s Luxury Remoisturizing Shampoo for only $24. If your feeling a bit too tired to handle the cleaning ordeal just book in a professional groom with Wags Pets today.

Pet Health

Wags Pets has a unique selection of quality pet health products. There are some affordable health solutions for both dogs and cats here. From advanced solutions like John Paul gum wipes to essentials like Microsol’s medicated shampoo that cleanses and disinfects the skin. Odour can be another common health problem and you can find the New Zealand made Odorex solution right here for only $22 for a 250ml bottle. Keep in mind Wags Pets provides a deluxe grooming solution that can help solve a lot of these health issues. You can book in a professional groom right here.

Pet Toiletries

Pets have a habit of going toilet at the oddest times, in front of the guests or at the beach just after someone says ‘ahhh cute’. We have all been there, and its much worse if your un-prepared. So next time do some shopping at Wags Pets and be ready with the Easy Grip Scooper which includes 25 disposable bags and only costs $5. Get it delivered conveniently to your door nationwide.

Fish Accessories

Here at Wags Pets we have a great selection of fish accessories for you to choose from. If your tank is looking a little murky and your pet fish have disapeared, try out our aquarium science tank cleaner. You can also find affordable filters and other aquarium accessories. Get it all conveniently shipped to your door nationwide.

Bird Accessories

Check out our bird Accessories range from Wags Pets based in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialize in pet accessories and pet products and offer a professional grooming service as well. We offer a fun, affordable range of bird products and bird accessories. You can find a broad range of bird supplies here, from bird toys to bird food, Wags Pets has you covered.

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