​Wags Pets ​​Dog daycare

Our doggy daycare is your dog's home away from home.  A place where they can socialize under supervision and have all of their needs catered for.  A place where they will be safe.  We strive to make it as fun as possible for them, with lots of play and yummy snacks.  Their environment is clean and safe, suitible for as long as they need.  Our staff are reliable, friendly and professional so your dog will be looked after.

Wags Pets has all the toys and special daycare grounds to keep all the dogs happy.  Our dog daycare service is for the greater Auckland area and we are based in Botony.  A handy location if your looking for doggy daycare in East Auckland!  It's easy to book in your furry friend, just use our online booking system today.

​Clean & Safe

​​Every dog is different but they all need somewhere safe and clean to play and sleep.  The dogs in our care always have access to clean water for drinking and the environment is carefully regulated ​to match ideal temperatures.  We make sure the dog's living and play grounds are clean and safe at all times so you can have peace of mind when dropping off your furry friend for their next stay at Wags Pets daycare.

​Fun & Socialization

​It's important to remember not all dogs are of the same temperament and social level.  At Wags Pets dog day care we take this into account and tailor their care accordingly.  Sometimes its best to put the less confident and shy dogs together as they are better at respecting each other's space.  This is also true with age groups, breeds and just normal personality differences.  We make sure the dog's living and play grounds are clean and safe at all times.

​​Our doggy daycare process

​​From our initial meeting with your dog right through to handing them back to go home, we have a professional process in place.  First we do a meet and greet to guage their personalities.  When they are introduced to the group they are done so in a controlled manner in case of tension.  They are encouraged and guided through the meetings with the other dogs.  Supervision throughout the process is very important for us so we can provide optimal care and they can have the most fun possible.

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     I have Been going to Wags for over 3 years now and my dogs look awesome every time . The team at Wags are Friendly and I love the loyalty system especially when I need to, make a booking at short notice. Thank you Wags , you have a customer for life !!!!         - Elsa

     ​Wags you guys are real professionals, great service, and Blade always looks amazing every time he comes back from his groom. Keep up the great work and Service and Blades loves his complimentary Treats.     ” ​   - Adrian

​Wags Pets ​​​puppy play wednesdays

Puppy feeling lonely ? Why not bring him or her down to to Wagspets for puppy play date on Wednesday morning till 12 noon.  The puppy play date also includes a bath, Blow dry nails and brush out.  This will get them used to the grooming process and the sounds of a modern day grooming salon.  Socialization is good to start at a young age but all vaccinations must be up to date.  Small to medium puppies only and must 6 months and under . Fun, fun, fun so come on down.

​Serving auckland

As a small team of experienced dog & cat owners and lovers, we really get to know you and your dog and we can guarantee consistent and personal care that is equal to your love and attention.

Feel at ease choosing Wags Pets for your next grooming or day care service.

We are so excited to make you a part of the family!  Call us or book online here now.

​301 Botany Rd ​​Golf Lands, Auckland, 2013

​(09) 551 3549 ​or 022 645 8783